Bokor Holiday--Cheryl Cohen--44K
Mulder takes it upon himself to save Scully from a voodoo curse,but ends up needing saving himself.

Follow The Leader--Jo-Ann Lassiter--98K
When an informant offers Skinner a piece of vital information that must be obtained at any cost, the X-Files agents strive to prevent that cost being the AD's life.

Preserving the Future--Laurie D. Haynes--33K
A fill-in-the-blank story running from the hallway scene to the very end of the movie. Mulder torture, of course. Scully torture thrown in free.

Survivor's Guilt--Munchie--9K
Well, here's the challenge- Write a story with Scully or Mulder's point of view, then write the exact same scene with a minor character's point of view.

Thunder in the Air--Tasha Abrams--153K
Released back into society, Monty Propps begins a campaign of violence against the man responsible for imprisoning him. But when they begin their investigation, a new threat arises against Mulder and Scully. Sometimes, the faceless monster isn't the only one you should fear.

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