The Abyss Looks Back--Kronos--546K
Mulder is the Bureau's last hope for solving a horrific child kidnapping/murder case and is assigned as behavioral specialist consultant. It's Skinner and Scully's job to keep him well and sane long enough to prevent another death. Similarities to both victim and killer profiles create an uneasy resonance in Mulder, who must fight to maintain enough of a professional distance so as to avoid an unrecoverable slide into the abyss.

Aftermath--Vickie Moseley--134K
Mulder and Scully get married and leave the Bureau...
1998 Award: Best Long Story (VINTAGE).

Back to Normal--Ten--67K
After months of repressing their fears and feelings about her condition, Scully is in remission and things can go back to normal. But how do both partners react when Mulder gets sick?

Blood Ties V: Legacies--Dawn--302K
Grey finally gains first hand knowledge of the Consortium, and more than one old enemy resurfaces.

Cursum Perfidio--L.A.Adolf--369K
Mulder is missing, and when found, badly hurt, his soul journeying to the light, to life, to health, to death. As Scully rushes to save his life-- to keep him from going to the light--she fights her fears and learns where her journey begins and ends.

Dreams IV: The Brotherhood--Esther Walker & Vickie Moseley--319K
Mulder and Scully are sent to investigate a mysterious death involving a group of anti-government protesters and the group's armed holdout in a remote part of Montana.

Falling--Vickie Moseley--40K
One of the X-Files comic books written in story form.

It is eight years later and Mulder has been returned by his abductors only to face new battles for his mind, his freedom and his future.

Gateway--Avril Brown--99K
It is eight years later and Mulder has been returned by his abductors only to face new battles for his mind, his freedom and his future.

Ignis Fatuus--Lydx--129K
In the wake of what transpired in Oregon, someone sees his way clear to go after Scully.

Like a Turtle on Its Back--Jo-Ann Lassiter--141K
After several blows to his male ego, Mulder begins to question the equilibrium of his relationship--both professional and personal--with Scully.

Music City Blues--Heidi W--96K
Mulder tracks down Clarice and, once again, finds trouble. But is it Clarice who's causing all the problems?

Never Say Never Again--Kate Gayle--26K
Scully catches Mulder in a compromising position. Later, when he is injured, they have to sort out their feelings for each other.

A New Kind of Fear--Judie Murphy--223K
Mulder and Scully investigate the unexplained disappearance of three couples and when the X-File turns into the search for a serial killer, they are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

New Year's Eve--Vickie Moseley--20K
Just another night, another ER, another sick Mulder.

Out of the Cold--Vickie Moseley--418K
It's 1991. Fox Mulder has been a profiler under Bill Patterson for over a year and a half. He's facing one of his hardest cases, and a nasty cold. Both of them are about to get a lot worse.

Every story has a cycle. A beginning, a middle, an end. Mulder and Scully must face death and life, love and fear. Again and again.

Short of Breath--dee_ayy--117K
No plot, no story, not really. Just pure unadulterated, unabashed, unapologetic, unrelenting medical Mulder torture. Oh, and there's a heavy dose of Scully concern, with a dollop of Skinner concern thrown in for good measure.

Southern Hospitality--Frances Hayman--68K
Mulder goes to the Deep South alone to profile a serial killer. Scully comes later to help with the case and arrives to find Mulder very sick. Scully and local agent, Jim Hopkins, continue to investigate the case while Mulder comes up with a paranormal theory.

Strange Horatio--Jo Barnes--202K
How could a fishing trip with an old buddy go wrong?

Symbiosis--Xenith & Katvictory--289K
"You, Fox Mulder, have the luck of a Buddy Holly, a Stevie Ray Vaughn, and the entire lot of steerage passengers aboard the H.M.S. Titanic. Your body has been invaded by equivalent of a Symbiote black widow. I will live off your passions, 'til it kills you. I'll record every grueling moment of it for you, Fox baby. And in the process I'll get what I need to keep living. I'm sorry to do this to you, but this is how I stay alive."

Under the Weather--Susan Proto--15K
Mulder's a bit under the weather, which of course, in Mulder's case, is never easy.

The Wringer--dee_ayy--78K
Did you wonder what Scully meant by "been through the wringer" in TRIANGLE? Me too. Try this on for size.

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