All Hallows Eve--Windsinger--75K
Driving back to Washington on Halloween evening Mulder and Scully see strange lights in the sky over rural Maryland, stop to investigate, and find themselves spending a night they will not soon forget.

Crossing the Rubicon--Pita1013--70K
Some choices should never have to be made.

Lies and More Lies--Vickie Moseley--123K
"Scully, could it be true? Do I have cancer?"

Life's Simple Fate--Ainon--184K
Terminal illness forces both Mulder and Scully to accept inevitable changes in their lives.

There was no need to worry her about something that was probably nothing. Was there?

Macho Man--Susan Proto--63K
Mulder faces a new crisis; one that he's not too sure he won't have to face alone.

The Night Before Christmas--Vickie Moseley--21K
A better way to approach the angst related to Mulder's abduction than anything we saw on the show.

Symbiosis--Xenith & Katvictory--289K
"You, Fox Mulder, have the luck of a Buddy Holly, a Stevie Ray Vaughn, and the entire lot of steerage passengers aboard the H.M.S. Titanic."

You'll Never Be Alone, Fox--Josie Marchant--27K
Mulder fights against an enemy inside of him.

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