30 Seconds--Susan--254K
After Mulder is blinded in an explosion, he has to find a way to deal with his loss of sight, and Scully has to deal with her guilt.

Blind But the Soul Can See--Inntonti Meg--59K
I once was lost but now I'm found, Was blind but now I see.

Blind Faith--Scarlet Otter--48K
"Mr. Mulder, you've suffered a severe flash burn. It's hard to tell if there will be permanent damage at this point."

Mulder overcomes some obstacles to solve a terrorist case, and makes friends in Domestic Terrorism Division.

Clarity of Vision--Mary Kleinsmith--97K
Mulder faces the ramifications of a deadly attack.

The Damascus Files: File 1--Katvictory--221K
The Damascus Files: File 2--301K
Mulder and Skinner strive to survive the start of that first post apocalyptic winter. After fighting his way back from near death, Mulder still must learn to deal with lingering disabilities and discover how to control his mysterious and often frightening psychic powers. Along the way old secrets are revealed and hidden truths uncovered that affect not only Mulder's and Scully's relationship but the future of the entire planet.

Double Vision--Cheryl Cohen--61K
After a head injury, Mulder can see auras. And maybe other things, too..

Exaiphnes VI: Blindsided--Rachel--116K--(slash)
Tim Bayliss and Mulder struggle when their relationship is tested by tragedy.

In a Flash--TCS1121--110K
Flashing Lights--123K
In a flash, life changes.

Fire--Kirsten Kerkhof--69K
A fire brings Mulder and Scully closer to one another than they ever dared to wish for.

I Should Have Seen It Coming--Vickie Moseley--20K
Without sight, without sound, he should have seen it coming.

If Truths Be Told--Romantique--32K
I don't like the way Mulder was returned after his abduction. Too many issues were handled "off camera." So, I changed the story to include what I would have liked to see happen.

If You Could Only See--Mulderslady--55K
I don't like the way Mulder was returned after his abduction. Too many issues were handled "off camera." So, I changed the story to include what I would have liked to see happen.

Last Light--Cordelia Willis & Andy Haines--134K
After a car accident, it's hard to tell whether Mulder is worse off, or if it's Scully. What they do know, is that they're in big trouble.

Mad Visions--Mulderslady--44K
What's worst than not seeing your attacker? Not being able to scream.

Mulder and Scully struggle to come to terms with an "accident" that threatens to change their lives for ever, unaware that the danger is still far from over.

Show Me the Way--Mulderslady--36K
What if something in the past prevented Scully from enjoying her future?

Struck Blind--Jennifer Garant--23K
After an accident that left him blind, Fox Mulder learns to deal with his new disability.

Sunlight Fading--Annie Jennings--259K
The truth shines brighter than ever when Mulder and Scully investigate abductions in Fargo, North Dakota, involving abductees from the 1960's and government experiments--but what happens when only one of them can see the light?

What's a bored, wealthy man supposed to do with his time? This one decides to finish a little experiment.

Through Your Eyes--Yvonne Richards--86K
Mulder begins to see a little more clearly than before.

Unto Which of the Angels--Vickie Moseley--76K
This story was inspired by all those little angel pins that I keep seeing on everyone. I knew that at some point, Mulder had to deal with angels.

Mulder is in the dark, yet sees.

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