Death Will Be Our Darling--Deborah Goldstein--527K
Mulder gets carjacked, and after recovering enough to go back to temporary desk work doing profiles, finds out he's better than ever--which has it's own problems--and that certain people don't appreciate that.

I Scream, You Scream--Jean Robinson--117K
A hot case and a cool reception marks Scully's return to work.

I'm Thinking As Loud As I Can--Mik--unknown (External Link)
There is no Hollywood happy ending. This is what really happens after the credits roll. M/Sk slash

Mad Vision--Mulderslady--43K
What's worst than not seeing your attacker? Not being able to scream.

A Matter of Trust--N'Kala99--50K
After survivng 6 weeks of torture, Mulder is rescued. His refusal to talk creates problems as he must recover in time for the trial. But something goes wrong.

The Other Side of Eden--Jacquie LaVa--102K
If you had your memories torn away from you, the very essence of what made you human, what would you become? Mulder and Scully are about to find out.

Silence Revived--Divine Joker--41K
Mulder's silent and Scully had to learn to deal with it.

A road trip with Mulder and Scully; a trip inside their heads and hearts. While on assignment to A.D. Kersh on a seemingly innocuous case in Nebraska, Mulder and Scully reflect on their relationship and its progress.

Wishing I Could Tell You--mimic117--98K
What do you do when the words can't be spoken? What if you might never say them again?

Words Are Very Unnecessary--Lili--66K
A badly injured Mulder has to rethink his life, now that Scully take cares of him. A strongly confused Scully has to rethink her life, now that Mulder had become dependent on her.

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