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No More Film--Donna--13K
What happens to a photographic memory.

Not With a Bang--Witch Baby--7K
The World Ends--10K
Mulder's been gone a while. Now he's back, but he's not the same.

Oceans Irate--Char Hall--50K
Mulder is severely injured when a drug bust takes a deadly turn. Alone and isolated on an island, who will save him now?

Of Two Minds--Girlie_girl7--45K
Mulder has amnesia and it goes downhill from there.

They've been used again.

One Step At a Time--Josie Marchant--109K
A tragic incident leaves Mulder dependent on Scully for help.

Pawns--Jess Archibald--94K
The only reason he knew his name was Fox Mulder was the fact that he had a picture ID advertising that fact.

Possessions--Rebecca J. Anderson--155K
When Mulder loses all his personal recollections to a woman who feeds off her victims' memories, he is forced to re-evaluate his life, his beliefs, and his relationship with Scully.

Reality Check--Angela W.--46K
Return to Reality--22K
Mulder wakes up in a hospital bed and can't remember the last year of his life. He has to try and assimilate the changes that have taken place between him and Scully.

Recovery series--Shoshana--58K (Link contains entire series on its own page.)
Mulder has lost a year of his life. Now he needs to find a way to recover somehow.

Revelations 6 - Memories--Windsinger--70K
Mulder has been gone for two weeks on a case. As a homecoming, Scully arranges a romantic dinner at his apartment but has an unexpected visitor.

The Rush--Humbuggie--161K
After discovering the true identity of a killer, Mulder loses his memories of the events that lead him to the killer. Soon enough he finds himself caught in a strange cat-and-mouse game with the killer, who wants him dead before he - again - finds out the truth.

Self series--Daydreamer--290K (External link contains entire series.)
Mulder sprirals down into the mind of a serial killer, and loses himself in the process.

Shooting Star--Jenna Tooms--533K
Seventeen years ago Mulder disappeared. Reunited after all this time, Mulder and Scully struggle to make themselves the family they should have been.

When an accident robs Mulder of his memory, Scully, Skinner and Mrs. Mulder arrive to help him recover.

Specimen 51--WestShore--345K
A woman scientist, faced with a personal life crisis, discovers a mysterious young prisoner who needs her help to recover what was taken from him -- his memories. In return, the handsome stranger helps her to learn that memories and fears are not the sum total of who we each are.

Tabula Rasa--dtg--192K
"If a man is the sum of his experiences, then who will he be without them?"

Theater of the Absurd--Anna Otto & Ashlea Ensro--290K (External Link)
As Skinner searches for long-lost friends, he becomes a target in a game of cat-and-mouse. Sometimes, what's lost is best not found. Or, how can we make Mulder and Scully blissfully happy?

Theft of a Life--Medusa--38K
First Mulder disappeared, then he was found. But while he was gone, something was taken from him.

"Somewhere, someone misses me. I know it."

Transplanted--Christian Webb & Amy C.--95K
Mulder is returned from a mysterious disappearance with implants that have life-altering consequences. Scully, Pendrell, and the Lone Gun Men race against time and their enemies to save him, while Scully deals with her fears and feelings about Mulder.

Unknown Lives--Donna--259K
He doesn't know her, but still can't live without her.

What are we, but our memories?

Watercolors I--Flynn--25K (External Link)
Watercolors II--26K (External Link)
I don't trust my memories. They're watercolors .... blending and merging, until I can't tell where one ends and another begins.

Weep Not For the Memories--Katriena Knights--18K
It's safe for Mulder to come back, but something goes dreadfully wrong.

What Makes a Person?--Charlotte Unsworth--28K
Does the mind, the body or the experience make someone, or something else? And what happens when the experience is removed?

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