How do you fight your own fears. Crossover with X-Men.

Banshee Tears--Denise A. Agnew--128K
Mulder and Scully investigate a murder at a museum in Washington DC where they find an evil more prolific than anything they've encountered.

Charlie's Warning--Vickie Moseley--63K
What happens about three months after the exorcism in "The Calusari".

Code of Silence--Cheryl Cohen--44K
Scully tricks Mulder into agreeing to participate in hypnotherapy to help him with his insomnia and some recurring nightmares.

I Want To Believe--Vickie Moseley--17K
Fill in the Blank for 'One Son'. Scully, the Gunmen, a bottle of tequila and only one lime. The truth is out there or rather, in here.

Lazarus Reborn--Vickie Moseley--107K
The episode "Lazarus" from the first season, as it was originally intended.

No Rest for the Wicked--Darkstryder--13K
Precarious this thing called man, so dependent on who defines him.

Patient 5A--Glymax--92K
A third-party view of an unfolding X-File.

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