Code of Silence--Cheryl Cohen--44K
Scully tricks Mulder into agreeing to participate in hypnotherapy to help him with his insomnia and some recurring nightmares.

Crying Towel--Vickie Moseley--25K
Sometimes all you need is a good cry with a friend.

Emasculated--Vickie Moseley--29K
The quarantine that was imposed following the outbreak of F. Emasculata and what happened to our favorite FBI agents.

Face of Madness--Vickie Moseley--76K
Followup to the ending of "Grotesque".

Mulder's Revenge--Madame Butterfly--23K
Conjugation--Madame Butterfly--30K
Mulder and Scully finally even the score.
Sequels to Paybacks

During tornado season, an unusual number of people are being killed in spite of the warning system. But before they can find out *who* is causing the deaths, Mulder and Scully need to discover *how* these people are dying.

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