The world was indeed, new. Its surface was altered; its cultures
upheaved; its people-changed. What had been, was no longer.

The world was repainted in new shades of gray and black- its canvas covered
in the paints of blood and tears and sweat.

People had been ripped apart. And yet somehow, new alliances were formed,
friendships established, families formed.

And the things that became most important were the things that no one could
remember. And yet the void was filled, for better or for worse, with the
things that no one could forget.



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Author's Notes and Thanks:

Kelida Flynn: Four years later and one story finally complete, I'm off to
retirement land. This calls for thanks, so I want to first of all thank
Slippin' Mickeys, first of all for being my co-writer, but mostly for being
my friend. Smart asses are hard to find, and some of them just aren't that
funny. She just happens to be. Go figure. Maybe it's the red hair. Or
maybe I'm just saying that 'cause she's probably got 8 inches on me and
could beat me within an inch of my life if she tried. And I want to thank the MNL, especially Regina for being the poor soul
that had to edit this bitch, and to Kim who's just fantastic for being
there and helping us get this story out there. Both are worth all the
million-dollar words I could muster up, OED in hand.
Also thanks to Meredith and MCA, who at the very beginning were just so
great, and just so supportive to me, not to mention inspiring. You want to
talk great XF fan fic writers, here are two of the best out there. Hands
down, no argument, because beautiful, introspective writing like this is
hard to find, and they transcend so much that is out there.
Finally, thanks to those who have been supportive on my past stories and
on this one, especially Twyla-who incidentally writes the BEST feedback in
the free world. It's rare thing to find someone who writes creative
feedback, and she had the market cornered. So thanks, Twyla, wherever you
are. And big thanks to Lucy G. without whom this story might have festered
in incomplete land. So don't go around throwing any of those weird
walleyed fits, m'kay? You're the best, btw. Did I tell you that?
So yeah! I'm done! Hope you all enjoyed the story if you made it this
So smell ya' later, X-Files Fan Fic, it's been interesting.

Slippin' Mickeys: Well, I doubt I'm finished with XF fic, just when I think
I'm done something on the show just isn't quite right and I have to pull
out the ole "Oh, criminy. Here, let me do it. Again." Suffice it to say,
I'll keep it short and sweet. First off, thanks to Kelida Flynn. This fic
wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the germ of the idea you came up with,
and your fantastic writing. If this fic is any indication, the publishing
world had best look out for you, you'll be kickin' ass and taking names in
no time. I also want to thank the MNL. Most especially Reg, our poor
editor, and Kim, full of endless support. I also have to give props to
Twyla and Lucy. You girls single-handedly kept this fic going. So from the
bottom of my heart, thanks!!