Title: Manifest Destiny
Authors: Kelida Flynn and Slippin' Mickeys
Category: S, A, R
Keywords: Alternate Universe; Mulder/Scully Romance
Rated: R -- for lots of swearing :D

Summary: In a post-colonization world wracked by upheaval, Mulder and
Scully must battle to find themselves, each other, and the vaccine, with the
help of those they meet along the way. Out of a world encrusted with ash, they must rise.

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Authors' notes and thanks at the end. NOW ON WITH THE SHOW!


"Manifest Destiny"
by Kelida Flynn and Slippin' Mickeys


All things past and future color the night. This was a lesson learned
hard and at a high cost, as are all things of any significance. The
world had ceased being a paint-by-numbers place
ages ago, but no one had ever bothered to notice until now, when it
demanded to be seen as well as heard.

They had not seen it coming. It had always been a possibility lingering
at the fringe, but the reality? They could not, and had not,
fathomed it. Even if they had somehow foreseen it, they could not have
prevented it-this melting of midnight onto the landscape. What
remained now could not be erased. The only option left was to redraw
it, beginning and ending at the points of regret, joined together by a
line asymmetrically absurd and beautiful as the journey it traced, and
the people it connected.


Chapter One