Alcoholic Confessions--Alanna Guinevere--9K
Mulder is drunk off his butt. Why?

Death Will Be Our Darling--Deborah Goldstein--527K
Mulder gets carjacked, and after recovering enough to go back to temporary desk work doing profiles, finds out he's better than ever--which has it's own problems--and that certain people don't appreciate that.
1998 Award: Best Medical MulderTorture Story (VINTAGE).

Ecstasy--Kathleen Brown--9K
Mulder's having a little too much fun at the office this evening.

Fish on the Hook--writergal20000--139K
Scully, Skinner, and agents from the DEA search frantically for Mulder, knowing he's been beaten and is in the hands of mobsters.

Hearts on the Mend--bellefleur--91K
After a personal tragedy has torn them apart, Mulder and Scully wonder if their relationship is broken beyond repair.

Heroin: A Necessary Evil--Mulderslady--46K
Mulder's been kidnapped and becomes friends with a deadly new force.

In Oxford--Kathleen Brown--32K
Fox hits rock bottom halfway through his freshman year, going to any lengths to survive in a strange land.

In the Interest of Science--Katvictory--160K
Scully becomes her partner's lover, nurse and savior after a tragic accident leaves Mulder severely handicapped.

Itinerant Stasis--J. T. Filipek--220K
Itinerant Stasis - Book II: Mulder's Story--243K
(Don't have one yet.)

Journey--Kathleen Brown--73K
Mulder embarks on a lifechanging journey which begins with a meeting and ends in an embrace.

Kicking the Habit--Gerry Hill--89K
Kicking the Habit II--133K
Mulder becomes addicted to heroin and Scully must try to save his life and his career. When Mulder and Scully are given a case involving mysterious deaths in Washington, D.C. area, Mulder must still deal with his addiction.

Loving You--Leyla Harrison--79K
If only she knew what he was doing.

Might As Well Face It--mimic117--7K
You might as well face it, you're addicted to...

Safe Harbor--shawntaw--127K
Scully is Mulder's safe harbor, and Skinner wants to protect the bond between them.

The Sin Eater--Jane Mortimer--55K
It helps him to sleep.

Mulder's addicted to speed.

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