It's Life series
by Ladyhawk

The FBI's Most Unwanted--8K
A retelling of the Pilot with a different Fox Mulder.

The Flame Behind Blue Eyes--23K
The episode Fire.

Pulled Into It--10K
Pusher is almost too much for Mulder.

Our Future is Here--20K
Mulder's past threatens his future.

He Stumbles and Falls--16K
How can Mulder face a situation, that up until now, has been a disaster?

The March on Four Legs--19K
The time has come for Mulder to give it all.

All I Am For You--15K
Mulder learns about family life.

It's Life Sideline - The Dream--7K
Not this time. It'll spoil the fun.

To Take on the World--14K
Mulder and Scully in charge? Who would have thought.

One More Life--11K
It's time for an addition to the family.

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