Bokor Holiday--Cheryl Cohen--44K
Mulder takes it upon himself to save Scully from a voodoo curse,but ends up needing saving himself.

Detour through the Ads--Sally Bahnsen--30K
A fill in the gaps for detour. Told from Scully's perspective.

George Jacobs Elementary School--Susan Proto--96K
Mulder is called in on a case for his expertise on alien abductions and hostage negotiation, while Scully is called in for her expertise in keeping Mulder sane.

Looks and Smiles--Jo-Ann Lassiter--70K
An ailing Skinner accompanies Mulder and Scully to Roanoake in pursuit of a killer the Assistant Director helped to put away fifteen years ago. Along the way, Skinner comes to realize his unique relationship with the X-Files team.

Lovely Warm Thoughts--Susan Proto--58K
One of Mulder's most frightening foes returns to torture Mulder some more, because it's the thing he likes to do best, and because he can.

You learn something new every day, sometimes about yourself.

Mulder and the Stinking,Rotten,Terrible,Horrible,No Good,Very Bad Day--Cheryl Cohen--25K
Mulder experiences a definite low. This one does poke fun at MulderTorture.
1998 Award: Best Humor (VINTAGE).

Only Skin Deep--mimic117--219K
"Squinting against the ache in his head, Mulder tried to focus. Waist-length blonde hair framed a lovely, heart-shaped face. Bright blue eyes were surrounded by thick, black lashes. A button nose perched above a full, cupid's-bow mouth. Her petite body was lushly curved and definitely not a child's, in spite of the piping voice which made her sound like one. Her voice was vaguely familiar although he was pretty sure he'd never seen her face before. He did recognize the gun pointed at him, though. It was his."

A Step Out Of Time--Jo-Ann Lassiter--179K
Mulder and Scully travel to Boston to assist the local field office with a series of murders, and to work with one of Mulder's former colleagues from the VCS. While there, Mulder encounters an agent he knew from Quantico--and before--and whose favorite sport is Spooky-bashing. Mulder and Scully, meanwhile, try valiantly to retain their emotional distance even while they're being drawn closer together.

During tornado season, an unusual number of people are being killed in spite of the warning system. But before they can find out *who* is causing the deaths, Mulder and Scully need to discover *how* these people are dying.

Wings of Wounded Doves--Tara Avery--11K
Mulder and Scully choke on dreams and hopes and fears.

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