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Never More Than This--Eponine--7K
Scully deals with Mulder death.

Not a Love Affair--Fox's Gal--15K
A Fibbie's thoughts.

Nothing To Say--Brandon Ray--8K
Sometimes it's hard to find the words.

Now Or Never--Shinkai--10K
A letter to Scully from Ed Jerse, after he has heard about her cancer and Mulder's apparent suicide.

Obligations Among Men--Ainon--48K
There are times when the thing that matters most is knowing the things that matter to a friend.

Obsession--Val Adams--10K
He's gone around the bend, and she can't talk him out of it.

One Last Moment--Kalyn--11K
How do you feel when the one you have cared for the most is taken from you? What do you miss the most?

Only By Passing--2Shy X-01001--12K
Someone attempts to deal with their feelings.

Philosophy--Daniel Pearce--6K
The history of a belief.

Post Obitum--Blackwood--12K
I always knew this might happen. I just didn't think it would be today.

Pre-Apocalyptic Soldiers--Erilyn--17K
Scully waits for her partner in a bleak future, which not everyone they care for has survived.

Pretend You Don't See Her--Mina Richardson--10K
A betrayal comes around full circle.

The Protector--Aurora Vere--15K
Scully reflects upon the reasons of her unusual survival after finding herself in the path of another deadly bullet.

Quality of Life--Vanessa--5K
What if Kritschgau hadn't called. What if Mulder hadn't seen the light on the floor and had succeeded in completing his goal?

The Rain--Xphelyne--12K
"I can't do it. I can't say goodbye. It's too hard."

The Reek of Purity--Xenith--182K
The Reek of Purity: Dark Time--100K
Mulder didn't feel the first gunshot, but he felt the second one. A sharp, breathless agony took him in the chest and he found himself gasping on the pavement.

While attempting to learn more about Samantha's abduction, Mulder and Scully are abducted themselves, and only one will survive.

Remembering: Regrets/No Regrets--Shiv--17K
Two different scenarios of life for Mulder and Scully, with the same fate.

A pact draws Mulder to Scully's defense.

Road's End--aka "Jake"--17K (External Link)
"Mulder, where did you go?" "End of the road."

Sailing Calmly On--Pellinor--17K
The end of the X-Files, seen through the eyes of three who neither understand nor care.

Seeds From Heaven--Myriss--5K
To heal.

Shattered Dreams--Amy Forrester--37K
Mulder and Scully's fifth anniversary ends in tragedy, and the two remaining in the family must learn to live with this loss.

Silence--Martine Groulx--15K
Somebody dies and the other one finds out tragically.

Soft Goodbyes--Pepper--5K
After a major event in Scully's life.

Sometimes I Feel You--Invisible Sun--3K
A year later, Scully visits his gravesite.

"Eternal love, immortal soul, a new star in the sky. For him the bell will forever toll, and he will never die."

The things that we cherish most in life are to be protected. No matter what the cost.

Summer Rain--XScout--9K
It's nights like these that stay with you forever.

A dying Mulder discovers what lies between seeing the lightning and hearing the thunder.

Sword of Time--Kate M--75K
After living under various disguises, Scully finally reveals her true self to someone. She's a changed woman, though, and explains why. Crossover with Star Trek: The Next Generation

Table for Two--Analise--10
"His face is at peace. So beautiful against the starched white linen."

Take a Walk With Me--Tas--12K
Things were just starting to go their way.

Things Happen--Sarah Ellen Parsons--12K
Things happen, and then there are consequences.

Through These Eyes, I see My Death--The Freakish One--27K
Mulder is dead. Scully is dealing, in her own way.

Through Your Blood--AllthingsX--8K
A different ending for "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas."

Thus With a Kiss...--eponine119--10K
Mulders habit of sticking his fingers into unknown substances finally catches up with him.

To Dance With Death--Spooky--7K
The events in "Tunguska" have tragic consequences.

To Mourn a Partner--loveJanik--10K
The incredible numbness of it all...

Too Late--Kalynn--7K
Samantha's thoughts when it's too late for her and Mulder.

Unfinished Business--StrBuck99--14K
As a spirit, Mulder makes a promise to remain with Scully until he can let her know just how he feels.

Unhappy Endings--Awesomo Fox--12K
Badly managed jealousy and a hostage situation.

Can she believe?

Waiting For Morning--Brighid--10K
One of the vampires from "3" has found Mulder, and now it's almost dawn.

We Should Have Known--Weasel--4K
Mulder, Scully, and a bottle of wine.

When the Music Stops 1 & 2--Mar-Mar--16K
Mulder saves Scully's life at the expense of his own. How will she keep going?

While Daring Greatly--mimic117 & Dan Walker--21K
In a future we cannot see, the legacy of two people is kept alive through the simplest means.

The Wind and the Rain--Birgit Mueller--5K
Far in the future, Scully reflects on life with Mulder.

You're Not There--XScout--8K
Scully's thoughts on the man lying next to her in her bed. But something is wrong with this picture.

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