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180 Words - Mulder Suicide--Livia Balaban--2K
If the title doesn't help ya...

The A.D.--Brandon Ray--14K
The Assistant Director visits a pauper's grave.

All of His Funerals--Punk Maneuverability--7K
Scully waits by Mulder's grave.

Always and Forever--Jenny Chism--15K
Mulder's death forces Scully to come to terms with her beliefs.

Amazing Grace--XScout--5K
Scully cradles an injured man in her arms, her voice bringing him comfort, as he had always brought her.

And She Screamed--harper731--37K
Mulder kills himself, Scully must begin to move on alone, but is she really alone and is everything as it seems?

And Then the Pain Was Gone--Jenn Nistor--9K
A character dies, depending on your interpretation.

Any Other Name--Louise Marin--594K (External Link)
Scully must transform one Mulder into another while struggling to understand loss, love, commitment, herself, and those around her. Through his metamorphosis, and her own, she discovers that different dreamers live different dreams. Will they ever be the same again?

A I Lay Dying--Lauren Belmont--26K
Everyone goes through hell sometimes. That's just how life is.

At Dawn's Break--sf--34K
After Mulder's death, Scully closes herself off. Can she find the strength to go on?

Bitter Condensation--Wayward--18K
The glass is the definition point, the boundary between inside and outside, between what is me and what is outside of me.

Bleeding His Blood--Laura Pisoni--8K
Bleeding his blood and fighting his fight. She hasn't given up yet.

The Break--Gina--5K
What happened to Scully after she couldn't find Jeremiah Smith to help Mulder?

Broken--Nancy Espinosa--5K
Scully lost someone she loves, and now her life has turned into something she never imagined.

A Bus to Saint Cloud--Riva--12K
"I saw him today. Standing there, in the snow. By the bus stop."

Called to Rise--Joylynn Wing--30K
"We never know how high we are till we are called to rise."

Closed Doors and Open Hearts--dtg--7K
When God closes one door, He always opens another.

Musings on Scully's motives.

Contact Ironic--Peregrin Anna--26K
Assume "Redux" didn't happen. Believe the lie. Scully finds out that Mulder's timing was singularly awful.

Conversations With the Dead--Lisa Dafoe--26K
Scully receives a visit from Mulder's ghost twenty years after his death.

Covenant--Rhondda Lake--50K
Covenant: Monsters--104K
Mulder and Scully have to come to terms with some changes.

The Crouching Thing--Sarah Ellen Parsons--32K
Sometimes we see things we don't want to see.

Crying--Michelle Shuttlesworth--561K
Scully's thoughts on Mulder's death.

Dark--Andrina (aka FireLily)--5K
Die are cast.

DeadAlive Series--Soleil Compeau--30K (Link contains entire series on its own page.)
It's about hope, and carrying on, and resolutions made.

Die Another Way--bcfan--12K
Three vignettes from the "What If..." universe.

Dithis--Kirsten Kerhof--25K
Their worst nightmare is coming true.

Don't Go--PamalaSt--24K
Don't Go/Finding Scully--20K
Scully is faced with life without Mulder after his sudden death.

Dragonfire--A.K. Bowerman--6K
Scully must deal with Mulder's accidental death.

The Dying Truth--Kelly Paleczny--5K
Scully's thoughts at Mulder's death bed.

Error in Judgment--Tim Scott--18K
In the aftermath of "Gethsemane," Cancerman makes a fatal error.

Everyone Dies--Mia Makinen--7K
Scully's with Mulder on his last day alive.

Fade--Maraschino--21K (External Link)
When a mother lives a life of threats, lies, and secrets, something will eventually break. Implied character death.

Falling Down in Four Acts--Anubis--42K
The backstory to Mulder's funeral.

The Fisherman--Carrie Plunkett--10K
Scully contemplates life after Mulder's demise.

Four Seasons of Loneliness--Fontaine L.--15K
Yesterday I declared your death, and today I shall bury you.

The Ghost Series--Joyce--1075K (External Link contains the entire series. Use links at chapter ends to access next chapter.)
Mulder discovers extreme possibilities in life after an untimely death.

GSW--Ian Horsewell--10K
An alternative history.

Half Trying to Be Whole--Tara Hicks--13K
Scully leaves Mulder and they must live with the result.

His Breath in the Wind--XRie--6K
Mulder comes back, but he's missing something.

Hours of Lead--Susanne Barringer--7K
Her own calmness surprises her, the shock numbing her to any kind of reaction.

I Can't Win--Erin Blair--9K
A melancholy alternate universe.

I Have Experienced You, I Can Never Lose You--Agent Elisa--6K
All you need to feel sad.

I Have No One--Erin Blair--12K
A year has passed since Mulder shot himself, and Scully runs into someone familiar.

I Lied--Dark La Fille--15K
A promise broken.

I Miss You--Melissa Rabey--14K
It was impossible to believe that he was really gone. But it was true.

I Watched You Fall--Patricia Blair--6K
Scully hears a song on the radio that sums up her and Mulder's life.

I Wouldn't Change a Thing--Kristyn Collins--7K
Scully is so angry at Mulder for killing himself, she begins to rip up his office. Then she finds something addressed to her on his computer.

If I Lost You Again--little Starbuck--8K
"I'd seen other agents lose their partners, their friends, before. A while back, I might have shed a tear and carried on. But not now.

In the Box in My Closet--Aimee Cronan--4K
Scully puts on his other side.

I'll Never Let Go--Tara Hicks--8K
Scully has to say good-bye to Mulder.

I'll Remember--XScout--10K
A tragic event causes Scully to start writing in her diary again.

Journal Entry, Day 3--Linda Phillips--5K
Scully's first journal entry since Mulder's death.

Last Breath--Janelle Leek--3K
Mulder's last hours, and Scully's final report.

Last Words--Alfred Graham--20K
Dana tries to deal with Mulder's death.

Leave Her--MissingSam--6K
Thoughts and decisions that bring a man to the end.

Left Behind--Dantzi Jean--8K
For she too must face the fact that eventually we are all left behind.

Left Behind--dtg--10K
"To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die."

Left in the Dark--Annette Gisby--5K
She spends more time with his ghost than she does with her husband.

The Legend of the Split Aparts--Soleil Compeau--5K
What happens if one of them dies?

The Letter--Em Laurence--6K
Scully receives a letter from Samantha, sparking memories of a past she would like to forget.

Life's Simple Fate--Ainon--184K
Terminal illness forces both Mulder and Scully to accept inevitable changes in their lives.

Lips Touch--Diane Elizabeth Thio--3K
Mulder lies dying, Scully remembers.

Loop--J.C. Sun--11K
There is a controlled aspect to loss of control.

Loved--Ashlea Ensro--5K (External Link)
Krycek and his associate plot to kill the smoking man, but something is wrong with this picture.

"he always says he loves me in whispers."

The Monster Within--Mulderslady--28K
Mulder fights his inner monster, but will he win?

Mulder's Note--Erica Miszti--12K
Scully turns up at Mulder's apartment looking for him, but he's gone off on his own and all he's left her is a short note.

Mulder, it's Not Me--Leighcia--8K
What if Mulder really did die in "Gethsemane?" Scully battles her insecurities and desire to follow Mulder.

My Heart Will Go On--Tara Hicks--11K
Scully hears a song on the radio, sometime in the future.

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